India Mahon

India Mahon jewellery has a distinctly chic and colourful design signature.

 A fusion of east meets west, coupling ethnic opulence with contemporary simplicity.  Alternative India-inspired design using a vibrant palette of authentic gemstones set in ethically sourced precious metals.  Jewellery that is designed to be worn every day no matter what the occasion.

My jewellery is always created around gemstones, the most beautiful gemstones are not necessarily the finest.  I get incredibly excited by the sparkle and magic of gemstones.  I personally select each one for its colour, the cut, the shimmer and how they hold the light.  Each stone is unique, which makes each piece of jewellery unique. Quality and ethics are important to me.  From the materials I use, to the quality of handmade bench production and good old-fashioned customer service ethics and knowledge in the shop. I only use SMO and recycled gold, I work hard to source ethical gemstones and my workshop and boutique use sustainable practices.