Celebration Necklace


Sea Collection:
The refreshing mint coloured sea urchin brings the focus and catches everyone’s attention. Natural pearls shimmer with individuality and subtleness accentuating and lengthening the look of the neck and making you the star you are. It`s a perfect refreshment for your jewellery collection for this summer holidays, celebrations and parties! And if you need more sparkle, golden glitter on the urchin will make it pop even more.
This necklace represents having a great time at any time of the year, using summer jewellery all year round! Since why the necklace’s name is – Celebration Necklace, this could be used in Summer Resorts or Winter Parties and Holiday Celebrations.

Using a sea urchin test (shell) reminds the adventures at the beach in the summer, with the added elements in the shell reminding us of other marine creatures, such as shellfish or octopuses.
Materials: Sea Urchin Test (Shell) from Algarve, Portugal- Ethically sourced; Freshwater Pearls, Stainless Steel

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